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We may receive compensation from the products or services featured on Top Weight Loss, and this compensation may affect the order, prominence, or location of specific listings.

Advertising Disclosure

The information contained on this website (including, but not limited to: the reviews, lists, order of appearance, placements, positions, evaluations, comparisons, and links) are paid-for promotional and sponsored advertising content. This website is compensated by the companies advertised on this website when a user clinks on the links and/or makes a purchase from an advertising partner (listed here).

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However, all reviews are generated in accordance with our process which can be found here. Our process involves research, analysis, and review of publicly available information as well as hands-on experience, if available.

While we make every effort to produce and display the most accurate information on our site, the fast-moving nature of online information means newer information sometimes becomes available. Whenever we find new information, we will quickly update our site to ensure its as current as possible. If you have any questions whatsoever while reviewing our site and its content, please feel free to contact us: [email protected]

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Free Products
For some reviews we received a free sample product to aid in the writing of the review.

Please note that although we may receive a product, that does not necessarily mean we will write a review or that we will write a favorable review. We do try to work with brands and products that are the best in their respective category, which helps us to not have to write overly negative reviews.

Our Partners
A majority of the links to products on our site are “affiliate links,” meaning that purchases made after those links are clicked will provide us with a commission, which is how we are able to continue writing reviews.

Not every company listed on our site will provide a commission. That said, the companies that provide us a commission and are therefore our advertising partners are (in no particular order):
Diet To Go
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Blue Apron
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The Top Weight Loss Way

We take a comprehensive, unbiased approach to our reviews and rankings. Here’s a look at our expert methodology:




Before we even look at diet brands and weight loss plans, we do a deep dive into the science. We review research studies and guidance from experts on the most (and least) effective strategies for weight loss. This gives us a solid frame of reference as we assess each diet program.




Once we’ve established what makes for an effective weight loss program, we use that information to guide our evaluation of individual diet plans. We look at every aspect—from the food and nutrition to the pricing and fine print, to determine how each plan stacks up.




We don’t just take a brand’s word for it—we personally test out each weight loss program, paying close attention to the variety, taste and portions of the food, the shipping process, the level of support available and of course, how sustainable and effective the approach is.




Recognizing that preferences and palates are not always the same, we check out what real customers have to say about each weight loss program. We collect feedback—both positive and negative, and identify common themes that may be of interest to potential customers.