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Fresh and Easy Diet Review

Owned by parent company Home Chef, Fresh and Easy focuses on low- and no-prep meal kits that are easy to cook and require minimal clean up. While not specifically designed as a full-service diet plan, Fresh and Easy offers carb-conscious and calorie-conscious options that can help support a healthy diet or weight loss plan. The pre-portioned meal kits make meal planning and prep easier, ultimately making it easier to stick to your diet plan. So let’s jump right in: We’ll cover plans and pricing, compare Fresh and Easy to other top meal kit delivery services and of course—give you a taste of what you can expect on the menu.

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Love love love my Home Chef meals! Lots of variety and healthy options too which is important to me because I'm on a journey to lose 40 lbs (already lost 27 so far). Home Chef has plenty to choose from. No more stress about having an empty fridge or being bored with the same thing all the time.


When my husband was directed to lower his carb intake by his physician to approximately 35 grams per meal, we realized that the meals we were [eating] were well over the limit. Home Chef allows you to choose low carb meals and they are delicious. They are well within the prescribed carb limit for my husband and I benefit from the healthy choice as well


I love Home Chef. The food is delicious and it helps me switch it up every night. Also, by asking for low carb meals it helps me to stay healthy and losing weight. And now that they've added lunches, my days are focused on other important things and not just what I'm making that day.


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