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Diet-to-Go Review

For those craving a weight loss plan that’s as easy as it is effective, Diet-to-Go serves it up on a silver platter. A meal delivery service that sends delicious, calorie-controlled meals to customers’ doors on a weekly basis, Diet-to-Go makes losing weight convenient and enjoyable. Learn everything there is to know about the Diet-to-Go—from how the program works to how much it costs and what real customers have to say about it—in this comprehensive review.

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Customer Reviews

What others are saying

Lori L.

I started this program 5 weeks ago today and I am down 12.7 pounds! I do the 5 day base plan and count calories on the weekends. I probably average 1300 calories a day with some light snacks! This is EASY and DELICIOUS and I am not hungry! I think I have had a different dinner every night and have loved almost all of them! I recommend this to anyone that does not want to think about meal planning, prepping! And yes, I have treated myself to a burger, Chinese food, and cake during these 5 weeks!

Edward B.

Diet to Go is not like other diet plans. The food is very tasty and you don't feel like you're being deprived. The portions are big and easy to heat up. You feel full and don't feel like you are starving in between meals. I feel like their chefs have put a lot of thought and creativity into the meals. I definitely would recommend trying this diet - food is very good and there are tons of options. I'm finally losing the weight I have been trying to lose for the last 2 years.

Shawn D.

Great plans, great food and great customer service. My husband and I have been using diet to go for about a month. He's lost 10 pounds already! The food is really good. Of course I have my favorites. Definitely don't feel like I am dieting. They use lots of fiber filled ingredients that make you feel full and satisfied. Anytime I have an issue I email them and they respond within minutes. If anyone is trying to diet, or doesn't want to cook, diet to go is the way to go! PS - they also have tons of substitution choices.


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